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Are we getting close to the ‘death’ of cancer?

February 24, 2016

In this article, Vincent DeVita Jr., former director of the National Cancer Institue, supports a concept that The Cancer Cure Experiment is using:

“There are certain acquired characteristics that a cancer cell has to have to become malignant, to grow, to make its own blood supply, to evade the immune system and to metastasize,” DeVita says. “Instead of focusing on 100 different cancers, you can attack the hallmarks. The cancer therapies that work … have been inadvertently attacking the hallmarks. Most of them attack the hallmark of uncontrolled growth, for example. … You’re going to be looking at one drug to attack one hallmark, another drug to attack another hallmark.”

The Cancer Cure Experiment uses specific spiritual weapons to attack each identified hallmark of cancer.

Read article.


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