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Approach to Counteract the Seven Hallmarks of Cancer

*** New *** Check out our article Overcoming the Seven Hallmarks of Cancer: A Guide for Christians.

Here’s where we’re going: If the hallmarks of cancer show us the “gates” that allow cancer to develop and the environment that helps it thrive, then our approach must be to counteract each and every hallmark. This is done through using the Word of God, prayer, envisioning the counteractions taking place, and worship.

This drawing shows the medical approaches to countering each of the seven hallmarks of cancer.

The drawing shows the medical approach for eliminating or counteracting each of the hallmarks of cancer. Recently, Scientific American published a series of articles in their online blog about the hallmarks of cancer. I am including links to those articles here, as they provide an excellent background understanding of the medical approach to counteracting the hallmarks of cancer:

Introduction to the Hallmarks of Cancer
Hallmarks of Cancer 1: Self-Sufficiency in Growth Signals
Hallmarks of Cancer 2: Insensitivity to Growth Inhibitors
Hallmarks of Cancer 4: Tissue Invasion and Metastasis
Hallmarks of Cancer 5: Evasion of Apoptosis
Hallmarks of Cancer 6: Sustained Angiogenesis
Hallmarks of Cancer 7: Limitless Replicative Potential

There is no article yet on Hallmark 3: Inflammatory Microenvironment

Typically, pharmaceuticals are developed that attack the hallmarks in the specific ways listed in the inner circle. There are, however, several inherent problems with pharmaceuticals: it takes a long time to get approval for a clinical trial, to conduct the trial, and then get FDA approval; the whole approval process costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, over time the cancer cells develop an immunity to the pharmaceuticals that render them impotent. Are we without help or hope?

Fortunately, no. In addition to medical treatment there is the spiritual/physical approach of The Cancer Cure Experiment. The elements of this approach are illustrated in the drawing shown here:

Each of the seven elements in the inner circle is the spiritual/physical counterattack to overcome the corresponding hallmark.

I will explain each counterattack in the future. In the meantime, examine the diagram below and focus on each of the seven “inner circle” activities. The goal of each of these exercises is to thwart the development of new cancer and also shut down the growth of any existing cancer through spiritual means.

I’m sorry I can’t get the drawing any larger at this time. Please double click on it to increase its size.

In case you still can’t read what’s there, here are the “inner circle” activities that correspond to each of the seven hallmarks in the spiritual/physical approach of The Cancer Cure Experiment:

1. The Problem: Self-sufficiency in growth signals. The Cure: See how much God loves you.

2. The Problem: Insensitivity to grown inhibitors. The Cure: See God’s protection.

3. The Problem: Inflammatory environment. The Cure: See the heat held harmless.

4. The Problem: Tissue invasion & metastasis. The Cure: See a standard raised.

5. The Problem: Evasion of apoptosis. The Cure: See the demise of the ungodly.

6. The Problem: Sustained angiogenesis. The Cure: See strongholds fall.

7. The Problem: Limitless replicative potential. The Cure: See the enemy turned on itself.

Many blessings as you turn your energies to seek God’s touch to restore normal, healthy functioning in each of these seven areas! Keep trusting Jesus. He is Faithful and True!

In the near future, I will post the biblical basis for each of these counterattacks! Until then, stay in the word and keep trusting God.

Some excellent books to begin reading:

  • Getting Well Again, Simonton and Simonton
  • One Renegade Cell, Weinberg
  • The Cancer Idol, Tamagi
  • Remarkable Recovery, Hirshberg and Barasch
  • The Faith Factor in Healing, Droege
  • God at War: The Bible and Spiritual Conflict, Boyd

For more information, see our post (on our home page) “Overcoming the Seven Hallmarks: A Guide for the Christian with Cancer”.

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