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The Seven Hallmarks of Cancer Cell Formation

The Seven Areas Where Cancer Cell Formation Can Be Stopped

These seven areas are the hallmarks, or strongholds, where we will focus biblical truth to thwart the development of cancer cells.

*** New *** Check out our article Overcoming the Seven Hallmarks of Cancer: A Guide for Christians.

  1. My research had led me to several narrative versions of this concept which is very well illustrated above. Most of the medical treatments go after just one of the methods … could this illustration demonstrate specific targets that we should take authority over? (I am still confused and working through the difference between the believer’s authority and prayer … )

    • Maria Abercrombie permalink

      My son is fighting Ewings Sarcoma (osteo’s cousin). I have read the Authority in Prayer by Dutch Sheets and it was pretty helpful. I am so happy to find this page. We are also doing homeopathic things as well.

      care page:

  2. airindia16 permalink

    Excellent picture, its good quality even for an honors bio II class.

  3. Carrie B. permalink

    There are a lot of books out there that have been really helpful since my diagnosis such as “Christ the Healer” by FF Bosworth. I have listened to Curry Blake’s 19 teachings on healing over and over (John G. Lake ministry). I have also learned to shut down prayers of unbelieving christians who will pray witchcraft over me as they believe that dying of this disgusting disease could ever be God’s will and/or His way of “healing.” I don’t accept anything other than what is completely biblically accurate and that is part of walking in authority. It’s life or death, I’m finally learning to have a backbone….too bad I waited until after that backbone is infected with cancerous lesions!

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