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Welcome to The Cancer Cure Experiment

April 3, 2010

So…you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer…When you heard the word “cancer,” I’m sure shock ran through you. It sounded like a death sentence…but it isn’t necessarily.

What it does mean is that some of the body’s processes have been commandeered by renegade cells, and these cells have been quietly working behind the scenes for some time building up their number. Now that you know they are there, it’s time to fight back–aggressively. Physically, certainly; but also spiritually. Maybe you’ve never considered yourself a “spiritual” person.

Well, here, it’s pretty simple: It means you don’t have all the resources you need within yourself to overcome what’s going on in your body…but God does. You can ask him for his resources–in faith, in trust–to overcome this “thing” that is going on. This is the cancer cure “experiment.” Can you trust him to provide you with what you need? Is God really a healer–Jehovah Jireh–or is he just the God of all comfort, commiserating with you, certainly, but unwilling or unable to help? How will you know if he is “The God who heals you” unless you put him to the test? This is the cancer cure experiment that we invite you to begin. This is the opportunity–literally–of a lifetime.

We believe that, until the revelation of very recent medical discoveries, we have had very little we could actually do while undergoing treatment for cancer. We wait and we hope for the next test to show us that the medicine is working and our cancer is shrinking or going into remission or that the surgery was successful and got all the cancer. We pray, often rather vaguely, that God will heal us, or make things easier for us to endure, or to show us why–for what greater purpose, if any–this is happening to us. We research and read and hope that we will find someone, somewhere, who can help us. But what we haven’t done–because we haven’t known how–is go on the offensive against cancer personally. Our sometimes defensive, hunker down approach has not done us any favors. We’ve been left feeling like victims. In a sense, we’ve been relegated to trying to make friends with the enemy, even though we’ve probably never thought of it that way. But can we defeat the enemy if we try to “make the best of it”? Absolutely not.

Now, however, there is something we can do about cancer. We have bodies that we believe are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Recent medical discoveries have shown us that our bodies have been endowed with very complex built-in defense systems against cancer that have temporarily broken down or, more accurately, have been temporarily shut down while under attack by cancer cells. Here’s where your choosing to go on the offensive against cancer can make a world of difference.

This “experiment” seeks to show you how to fortify your body’s defenses against cancer through spiritual means. Maybe some people consider that “positive thinking.” However, it’s really more than that, because we are drawing on spiritual resources outside ourselves. Fortunately, we are not limited to our own ability to do something for ourselves.

In any case, we want to help you go on the offensive. Have you been diagnosed with cancer? Are you ready to participate in the healing process? You won’t be asked to stop any of your medical treatments, but rather we will give you activities to do on a daily basis or as frequently as you wish or are able. It’s as simple as that; well, simple to say, but it will take some effort on your part to be on the offensive against the cancer in you. (Notice I didn’t say “your cancer”–it’s not “your cancer.” It’s the cancer that is in you that does not belong there and is not a part of you against which we are going to take the offensive.)

If you have questions about our approach and want to know more, please email us at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you. We are excited about the possibilities for healing that lie ahead for you!

We encourage you to read our other pages to learn more about our approach. This is strictly a non-profit, no-cost endeavor. Do not fear that you’ll somehow get “hooked” into paying for something either now or later on. It’s not going to happen. This approach grows out of–well, read The Beginnings of The Cancer Cure Experiment and you’ll find out!

Seriously, we really want to help and we believe that your life will be changed forever–for the better–as a result.

One more note, about the word “experiment” in our name. This is not our experiment–it’s yours. We are not collecting data or planning to publish our results in some scientific journal. This approach is really a walk of faith. God says “put me to the test…” Are you willing to try, to embark on such an experiment?. It is an approach that you most likely haven’t tried yet, but we believe that, when you try, you may discover something. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know what could have happened. So we hope you are ready and willing to start on your own personal experiment to see what difference will be made in your life. You and your family will be the beneficiaries–and that is our hope and prayer for you!

Dr. Richard Moulton


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  1. Nelson R Blaine Jr. permalink

    I am a born again christian and have prostrate cancer. I believe Father God will not let me die from cancer. I need help and prayers from you. I am a Native American Indian, married since 1977, living on the Crow Creek Sioux Indian Reservation in Ft Thompson, South Dakota 57339.

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